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How to Get Your Groove Back: Quarantine Edition

This is a really weird time in our lives. We can't see our friends or family. We can't go to a restaurant. We can't shop at Target. It's not human.

Besides not being able to see other people, the really tough part about this whole thing is we can't have time for ourselves as women. We are mom , teacher, wife, chef, housekeeper all day, everyday. I don't know about you but I am living in my yoga pants these days and I don't see that changing anytime soon. But, as nice as it is to not really care what I look like for a bit, it's also kind of affecting my self-esteem. And based on some comments in the all knowing world of social media, I know I'm not alone in just not feeling like myself. I wanted to offer a little advice on this subject, not as an expert but as a fellow woman who happens to help other women embrace their beauty.

We are in this bizarre circumstance right now, but it's still important to show ourselves some love. I'm still figuring things out just like you, but I'd like to share some tips I've found helpful during this quarantine in the hopes it'll help you too.

Tip #1 Go Outside.

Fresh air and sunshine can heal a world of ailments, my friend. Just a little walk around the neighborhood can refresh your body and your mind. We need the change of scenery, we need to breathe new air and take a long, long break from anymore episodes of Peppa Pig. Besides, nothing tires kids out faster than a “timed race” around an open field. You're welcome.

Tip #2 Take Some Time for You.

I know that sounds crazy. “ Time for me? Phoebe, you've lost your mind! I have my kids all.the.time. And laundry and cooking and crafts...so many crafts.” Yes, we have A LOT on our plates right now! That's why we need time to do something just for ourselves. Take a bubble bath, read a book that doesn't have pictures, watch some bad reality tv. Do whatever it is that makes you happy, even if it's just an hour. Trust me, it works. Right now, I have my husband doing bath time, and I take that time to watch an episode of my current favorite show on Netflix (I miiiight be rewatching New Girl AGAIN).

Tip #3 Have Something to Look Forward to

Not just that pint of chocolate chip cookie dough hidden in the freezer, but something fun in the future to focus on . Plan a girl's night via Zoom. At least you get to see your favorite gals, and maybe enjoy some wine. Have a date night with your hubby – set a fancy table and dress in something without an elastic waist. Just the idea of doing something out of your ordinary routine can really help with our overall mental health.

Tip #4 Get Yo Sexy Back

This tip combines tips #2 and #3- stay tuned!

So, let's be honest. Feeling sexy isn't at the top of our priority list right now. We have a lot of other stuff going on with teaching our kids, disinfecting our entire house every time we go to the grocery store and then, there's Netflix! BUT our self esteem should always be a priority. I just so happen to specialize in posed boudoir photo sessions. Boudoir sometimes gets a bad rap, but I've made it my mission to make all of my client's sessions about feeling sexy in their own skin. Boudoir shoots are for you, first and foremost. If you choose to share them with your significant other, they will love it- believe me! But, if you want an opportunity to do something for you, and absolutely nothing to do with middle school math!

I've got you.

I am offering 3 $500 gift cards* for only $99 to go towards any boudoir collection or a la carte item. Why? Because I believe we all deserve something to look forward to right now.

This is a crazy good deal and first come first serve!

You've been wearing a lot of hats lately and you deserve something special just for you. Something that makes you feel invincible and strong as well as beautiful and sexy. After months of wearing a messy bun and yoga pants, think of how good you'll feel all dolled up wearing something you feel incredible in. And just like in tip #3, booking a boudoir shoot with me is something you can look forward to! You get to feel sexy AND see another human being in person! Why not give yourself something to plan and work towards?

Whatever you choose to do to take care of yourself and feel good during this bad time is exactly right. We are all in this thing together, truly. I hope to get to see your pretty face when this whole ordeal is over, in the meantime, stay positive and love your beautiful self.

What's stopping you? Ready to get that $500 credit? Yes Please!

*May not be applied towards the session fee or hair and makeup. Session must be booked within 60 days of gift card purchase and session must take place by December 31st 2020.

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